Purpose : This study was conducted to identify emotional labor influenced depression in outpatient nurses in general hospitals and nurses in health examination centers. Methods : A self-report questionnaire was conducted for 296 copies, including 150 from outpatient nurses and 145 from nurses in health examination centers were collected for final analysis. For data analysis, frequency, descriptive analysis, and multiple regression analysis were performed. Results : Age turned out to be the only risk factor influencing whether outpatient nurses were depressed or not. As for nurses in health examination centers, 'emotional incongruity' was the risk factor among sub-areas in age and emotional labor. Among sub-areas of emotional labor, 'emotional incongruity' was riskier for depression in high-risk groups than the normal group. Conclusion : According to the results of this study, there is a need to educate single nurses in their 30s working at health examination centers who experience emotional incongruity with how to cope with it, and improve them to reduce the emotional labor of nurses at health examination center by implementing customized programs.