Purpose : This study is a descriptive research study to identify the factors related to the Alcohol abstinence intention of male workers working in a general hospital by applying the Theory of Planned Behavior. Methods : The subjects of the study were 237 male workers at J Public General Hospital in Seoul, excluding male workers who did not drink alcohol. Results : The average score of the subject 's alcohol abstinence intention was 2.63 out of 5. The intention of alcohol abstinence according to general characteristics showed significant difference according to position, no form, drinking, marriage, and sleeping time. The subject 's intention of alcohol abstinence was correlated positively with attitude and subjective norm, but perceived behavioral control showed no significant difference. Factors influencing the intention of alcohol abstinence were subjective norms which are variables of Theory of Planned Behavior. Conclusion : In order to increase the alcohol-abstinence intention of male workers in a general hospital, it is necessary to make efforts to increase healthy communication with significant surrounding people, such as family members and work colleagues.