Purpose : This study is aimed at identifying the impact of emotional labor and depression on turnover intention of security guards working at customer facilities. Methods : The research targets were security guards working at representative hospitals, hotels, and department stores of customer facilities, and 132 questionnaires, excluding six questionnaires with errors in response or incomplete responses, were distributed to 138 guards at 13 hospitals, 7 hotels, and 7 department stores nationwide. Results : First, the emotional labor score of the study subjects was 2.97 out of 5. Second, the depression score of the study subjects was 4.74 out of a total score of 27. Third, the turnover intention score of the study subjects was 2.56 out of 5. Fourth, a multiple regression analysis was conducted to identify the factors affecting the turnover intention of the study subjects, and the higher the emotional labor and depression, the higher the turnover intention. Conclusion : Based on the results of this study, it is necessary to prepare active preventive measures to protect security guards from emotional labor caused by responding to customers and to prepare mental health programs to manage depression.